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Now you have joined me it's time for you shed your clothes and shower, a fresh towel on the bed is ready for you to lay on; the lights are low, and the room is warm.

We are here for a journey of pleasure

My hands begin running across your back. I'm completely focused on you, your body, your responses.... Warm oil covers your skin.Slowly working my way to your lower back and hips...the lower back is where many people hold emotional stress and I can feel how tight you are. Warm oil worked into the muscles of your lower back until they're loose - using my finger tips, palm, side of my fist...increasing pressure slowly so I can work deeper into your muscles ... and you feel a release of tension you didn't even know you had...I start teasing the sides of your hips before moving to your lower back and revisiting that for a few strokes before lightly running my fingers over your ass. Lightly at first with just my fingertips, gradually more pressure and you start to relax as I touch more firmly, both of my hands grabbing your ass firmly, methodically, rising up a little in response...changing my touch I take my hand and lightly run my nails over each cheek leaving not one inch of skin neglected...Your body awakens.. applying more oil, my hands glide over your body setting in alight with my hands hold you and you begin to feel and excitement fill your body, you gasp sharply as you feel the fingers on my right hand lightly massing the dripped oil into your balls. Your skin soaking up the oil as it had elsewhere but the feelings aren't as relaxing's hard to be relaxed with jolts of pleasure from my slippery fingers gliding over your balls and now incredibly sensitive ass. As electricity running from my fingers through your skin...even though I haven't touched and can't even reach your member you can feel referred pleasure rushing through it as you start to harden...Oiled fingers work the edge of your cheeks, daringly getting deeper... and deeper... You feel me brush against your asshole- you arch a bit, letting me know where you pleasure want to be directed to

I move down to your thighs and as I start to apply the warm oil directly to your ass, a low groan of pleasure emits from you... I continue my journey into you.

I lay my hands on the inside of each of your thighs...pushing your legs apart a little bit more.. playing along your opening, then gently around your sphincter, teasing… rubbing... feeling for you to welcome me in....

Your breathing is getting quicker. Your body is up regulating, your connecting to the rhythms in your body as senses heighten.

More oil is massaged into you and now, finally, what your body has been craving... slowly you feel my finger enter you, moving in circles, moving with your body as you welcome me in… slowly... sooo slowly... my finger moves deeper into you as you connect to the joyous sensations filling your body.

You arch your back and offer yourself, we are finding a rhythm, the pulsating exuberance in your body.

I ease my finger in and out; slow and rhythmic. This feeling begins to take your whole body. You feel my touch move underneath to feel your engorgement...You're breathing even faster now.

stroking your pulsating and throbbing member as I continue to connect inside you with my finger: Your body is opened, feeling me circling inside you as begin to remove my self from in you - your body is wanting more, your hole is hungry, I want to feed it with a beautiful vibrating gift, to allow the pleasure to echo through your body.

A toy, heavily lubed. I start to press the head to your asshole. The vibrations send shudders through you. Now pushing in, slowly, slowly, watching you open around the head. I hear you gasp as the head begins to merge with your body, its in you, your pleasure begins rise, you let it take over you, you moan as you take it in.

Your body is pulsing; waves of pleasure take over your body, I turn you over and bring you close to your edge, we play in this space until you can’t take it any more.

I look at your face: your eyes are closed, and you're biting your lip your body in raptures.

You breath deep, I see your body starts to contract... your breath is speeding up, you feel electric.

Finally, you release. You sink into the bed. Your breathing finally resumes..

The shower now lets warm water run flutters over your body and you have a time to instal the pleasure that your body has held; our time is done.... for now..

30 mins $250 Just a taste

60 mins $350 Time to really feast on this experience

90mins The ultimate sensory body journey $450

MONDAY - THURSDAY THIS WEEK ONLY How to apply for a session with me: Send me a text message on with your: - Name - Desired arrival time - Desired length of your booking

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  • Brisbane: Domination & fetish