Guarantee at least $8000/week SAFE DISCREET SAFE - 28 tel. 0431320239

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Welcome 18-33 girls !

No matter you are resident, backpacker or tourist

$8,000 per week We Offered to you:

-Free accommodation

-Free photos

-Paid Holidays Overseas



-Privacy of your identity

-Discreet independent work place

-Screened clients for your safety

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:Do I need to pay any deposit?

A:No.You don't need to pay any deposit and you can get your salary every day!

Q: Do You Screen The Clients?

A: Of Course! We Only Deal With Clients That Have Things To Lose, Their House, their Job, Their Family, Their Freedom. When you deal With Clients Who Have Things near and Dear to them To Lose, Nothing Bad Happens ;-)

Q: I don't Have Transportation, Is That A Problem?

A: No! We Provide FREE TRANSPORTATION To And From Your Pick Up Location and To And From The Client when it's an outcall.

Q: Will I Be Safe?

A: Yes. Our Drivers Double As Security So You Will Not Have Any Problem With Knuckleheads.

Q:I'm Married And/Or Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Is That A Problem?

A: No! Just Handle your personal situation and Don't Bring Drama To The Work Place!

Q: I Don't Want To See Certain Type Of Clients, Is That A Problem?

A: No! We Understand That Everyone Has A Comfort Level, We Oblige And Respect That.

to apply just sms your name age and some recent pics to

  • Brisbane: Adult Jobs